Lincoln Electric Torchmate 4400

This model was created for a Designori project. All the modeling was done in Blender, and the texturing was done in Substance Painter. The decals were created in photoshop, and the majority of them I was able to use straight from the reference photos. The standout part of this model for me was creating the linking plastic chain that contains the wiring for the cutter head. I used an array and curve modifier stack to make the whole chain. It's a fun technique that I have since used in subsequent projects. Overall, I'm quite proud of this piece, though I recognize distinct areas of improvement. The final polycount came to 166k tris with three texture sets of 4k maps. Overkill for its implementation, but it sure looks nice in renders. I would like also to thank my colleague Matt Moore for the excellent reference material he provided from an onsite shoot.

April 22, 2022