Refrigerated Seawater System

This project is a Refrigerated Seawater System based off of the educational model at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks. I am very proud of it and very much enjoyed the creation process. I used photos, videos and a lidar scan of the machine as a reference. I used Blender to model and unwrap the UVs, which I split into 11 materials to maintain a high level of fidelity. The textures were done in Substance Painter, and I used Photoshop for the decals. 10 of the materials are 2k maps, but the totes and cart have a 4k map to maintain consistent texel density. The still renders were taken with Substance Painter's IRay rendering engine, and the turntable and assembly were created using Blender's Cycles engine and composited in After Effects.

October 11, 2021